About Me

Nationality: Australian, I believe all the way back to convicts on one strand, i.e. white Australian royal blood, but not much compared to those who came here while the last ice age was still on.

Occupation: Lecturer in Old Testament, Melbourne School of Theology

Qualification: PhD in Studies in Religion, University of Queensland, and a couple of other lesser ones.

Thesis Topic: A History of the Interpretation of the Creation Week in Genesis 1:1-2:3

Time Taken on Thesis: Little shy of a full decade.  Nearly outlived my supervisors.

Religion: Christian

Church Background: Baptist, including pastoring one country Baptist church.  Distant Anglican roots and ancestral Methodist ones.

If I Could Clone Myself from a Red Blood Cell, Here’s What My Clone Would Do For Recreation: Rockclimbing, surfing, practising to become a rock guitar hero, traveling the country and the world, playing backyard games with the kids, and finding out what’s so fun about online gaming.

If My Clone Couldn’t Take the Time for Recreation, He Would In Fact: read all the books and articles and do the research that I feel I should really be doing.

In the Absence of a Clone, What I In Fact Do Most of the Time: at home, help my wife make sure the kids are cleaned, fed and watered, and that the house is clean enough to negotiate from the bedroom to the front door.  Stop the house from falling down.  Stop the cars from falling apart.  Read books about the Old Testament in front of the TV, in bed, while eating, while cleaning teeth, and while attending to other needs.  Translate texts of various languages into English, for some reason that involves, after years of trying, a perverse kind of pleasure.

But I still get up early while it’s calm and, often, just read my Old Testament in the Hebrew language, a happy addiction.

At work: imagining research and publishing goals while in fact frantically getting subject matter and support materials together for the classes I’m responsible to teach, about things I often don’t start out knowing much about.  You teachers, you know what I mean.

At church: speak sometimes, play guitar for children’s groups sometimes, play bass for the church band, and quickly try to remember the name of the person I’m just about to talk to.  Often unsuccessfully.

Soli deo gloria.  As the Psalms conclude, “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.”

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