The New ‘BHS Reader’s Edition’ by the German Bible Society

I’m thinking of assigning this as required for my Hebrew students in 2015. But what about the truly digital student? Should a paper Bible or biblical tools be required at all?

Zwinglius Redivivus

Bobby K. of Hendrickson has sent along one of the first copies of this new reader’s edition (which is to be discussed along with other primary texts by the German Bible Society at a session in San Diego).  And although CBD lists someone named ‘Vance George’ as one of the editors, it’s actually our own George Athas.

At any rate, here are some observations on the edition.

First, the volume contains a handy but brief Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon.  It also contains a series of Verbal Paradigms- for instance strong roots with prefixes and suffixes, etc. along with Paradigms for nouns.  Each page of the text of the Bible itself is printed in a really lovely Hebrew font which is quite easy to read, being neither large nor small.  A bit smaller are the notes at the bottom of each page where words are defined in a way far more…

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