Examples of Visual Representation for the Classroom

This is a collation of some of my attempts at visualizing information for the classroom, compiled for an upcoming conference. I hope to soon upload a link to the Prezi that integrates and explains these examples.

Example 1: Excel spreadsheet used as table: “[Geography and] History in the Time of Isaiah and Jeremiah”

Example 2: Excel spreadsheet with line chart: “Rare Old Testament Names for God”:

Example 3: Literary Guide to the Lord’s Prayer PowerPoint: a mostly autonomous presentation:

Example 4: ‘A Stable World and a Shaken World’: an interlinked PowerPoint with a master diagram and twelve detailed slides illustrating non-linear and potentially teacher-independent use of PowerPoint:

Example 5: a schematic Prezi heatmap, ‘Levite References in the Old Testament’, that could act as a navigational page in a website if image-mapped:

Pentateuch Levite References Heatmap


Example 6: a Prezi that is both a map and a timeline. Too much, perhaps?

ANE of Israel's Time Prezi


Example 7: Psalm 148 mindmap using FreePlane, with aim of displaying intricate literary structure:

Psalm 148 mind map screen shot enlarged

Example 8: Chart of genres in Joshua, illustrating a kind of data visualization requiring some human judgment:

Genres of Joshua Chart

Example 9: Prezi diagram of the history of interpretation of Genesis 1 demonstrating prominent use of a visual metaphor, that of a tree. An example of a very content-rich diagram that seeks to remain intuitive at the macro level:

Creation Week Prezi Screenshot


Example 10: the risk of using a picture instead of an icon: risks distracting the viewer with extraneous detail:

Pentateuch Overview Screenshot


Example 11: Prezi on Psalm 79 using Star of David motif to categorize interpretive questions such as those of history, literature and theology, as well as the motif of the Greek letter chi to guide a student exercise looking for symmetrical use of terms in the psalm:

Psalm 79 Prezi Screenshot


Finally, example 12: a great open access NASA photo from Wikimedia Commons supplies an attractive backdrop for an exercise in getting acquainted with Exodus:

Tour through Exodus Prezi S'shot



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