Top Ten Software Tool List #3 – Things I’d Like to Try

Here are some digital tools I think I could use and would like to try out:

  1. The Adobe Creative Cloud, e.g. DreamWeaver for website construction and InDesign which might allow digital publishing…but I’m worried about learning curves, and at the end of the day, just tight.  So we’ll see…looks professional, which is good.
  2. Scalar, advertising itself as ‘born digital’, so should not be of that genre of “works on a device, but otherwise is just a book of text.”  Free, too.
  3. Circos, for data visualization on a circle format.  For some reason, I think this is a great way to condense information into a small space, if it isn’t allowed to blow out into too much complexity.  I’m not thinking just of data visualization that uses a table full of stats, but of idea visualization.Circos
  4. PearlTrees, as a way to introduce hierarchical structure into a Pinterest-like visual arrangement of interests.Pearltrees
  5. Substance, another digital authoring tool.  I’d try iBooks Author, if I was willing and, shall we say, liquid enough to make the conversion to the Mac parallel universe.  But it’s surprising how well free tools rival the paid ones sometimes.  Another free offering is Sophie, if it’s still supported.
  6. Tableau, a free data visualization tool, recently found.
  7. WorkTop, a program to plan research and study workflow, which seems a valuable function.  Maybe, as an alternative, Aeon, which offers to do the same thing on a timeline format???
  8. Scrivener, a tool to help the writer.  Birthed in the Mac universe, and tailored first of all for fiction writers, I infer, but perhaps useful for non-fiction as well.  People out there in web land swear by it.Scrivener
  9. Compendium, another tool from the universities, designed for literary analysis, content curation, idea mapping.
  10. or another infographics tool.  Tried this one with distinct lack of success, but would like to produce good infographics, so need to plug in some extra IQ and return to this or a rival offering.

Not many of you out there reading these things, but I’m always eager to hear feedback on things you’ve tried and love or loathe, or clarification of which tool is intended for what purpose.  So comments are most welcome!  Meanwhile, here are interesting digital resources I’ve found and grouped into Pinterest boards:

Next post, God willing (or ‘inshallah’, as a colleague who was a returned missionary from the Islamic world used to say), a post on the Old Testament – I’ve found something interesting in 2 Kings!

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