Movie Review: The Book Thief

This isn’t even a review, something even shorter, but this was the anniversary movie outing for my wife and I. Many movies leave me unsatisfied. Often style trumps substance, or a string of special effects substitutes for a storyline, although I do like good effects.

But The Book Thief was really satisfying, like the good Thai meal we shared afterward.  A great movie to talk over with your partner.  A good meditation on life, and death, and life.  And human nature.  And eternity.  I know the median review online seems to be lukewarm, but I think it’s much better than that.  If you shudder when a movie features Adam Sandler, and super hero flicks are no longer doing it for you, you might really like this.  And it features one of our great Aussie actors, Geoffrey Rush, not to mention a little girl in the lead role with a captivating face!

Those who have a soft spot for things German will enjoy the cultural side, too, with the caveat that the setting is WWII Nazi Germany, so parts of it may be a little close to home.  However, it doesn’t assume that any community has a monopoly on human evil…or good.

I recommend it.


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