Excel-Based Hebrew Verb Drill for Hebrew Students

This Excel table is based on the forms listed in the back of the popular Basics of Biblical Hebrew, 2d edition, by Pratico & van Pelt:

Excel Hebrew Verb Drill Chart Image

The key cells are in columns B&C, #2-12, which generate new numbers every time you hit ‘calculate’.  The numbers correspond to row & column co-ordinates in the tables in the Pratico & van Pelt text, pages 416-437.

Using the Form Key, and the SBL Hebrew font (or similar), type in your attempt at the correct form in cells D2-D11, then check the tables in Pratico & van Pelt to mark your attempts.  I shade light orange for correct, grey for incorrect and leave the cell white for nonsense forms which can occur, e.g. passive participle forms for a stem that only has active ones.

Then record the stats toward the bottom of the page, have a chart generated from those stats to track your progress, and then do it all again!  See what you think.  Here’s the link.  Critique is welcome.


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